Marketing Your Brand

Developing the right marketing approach for your business model

Marketing your company brand is more than just advertising your goods.

Marketing is a wholistic approach to how your customers identify you. It encompasses all materials you use to sell your goods or services. The purpose is not to sell an item, on a specific day, but to bring your company brand first to mind to your customer. Your brand should instil a degree of trust and honesty in your offer. This immediate level of comfort brings your customers back to you every time and spreads the word.

When devising your business plan we identified all those factors that differentiated you from your competitors with your goods and services.

  • What is unique about you? This differentiation is so important to promote.
  • Why does anyone go to your business?
  • What makes you more appropriate to their needs?
  • What can you do for them that a competitor can or does not?
  • What makes you a valued proposition?
  • How do you communicate this to your customers?
  • What is your key uniqueness?
  • Does your name reflect your business. Can it be remembered readily?
  • Is your logo readily identifiable?
  • Do you have, or need, a jingle or a catch cry that is relatable?
  • Do you have exclusivity?
  • Are you first to market?
  • Do you have XX years of experience?
  • Do you have corporate colours?
  • Do you have well trained staff?
  • Do you readily identify with a particular market segment

Now that you have decided what your parameters are, how are you going to promote them?

  • Visual essentials– Business cards/ bags/ flyers/USB s presentations etc.
  • Corporate gifts as appropriate to your business
  • Community based promotions and support
  • Your web site strategy should address all the factors idenbtified.
  • Appropriate digital media Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn?
  • Networking

Your focused marketing plan now flows through to your advertising.

What are you advertising; goods or services? Every advert should fulfil consumers’ needs. They need to buy your product to assist them to move on in life. Don’t compete purely on price. They are responding to your unique, value-added proposition.

Today’s consumer is far more savvy than historically with more resources at their fingertips. Treat them with respect. Give them all the information they need or want, to go to you find out more.

Marketing is about your ongoing business.
Advertising is about your business today.

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