Business Analysis and Monitoring

Consistent business analysis and monitoring of all actions plans are crucial to your ongoing success. Anything we initiate must add value to your business. It must be manageable by you or your delegate. It must be sustainable.

Business analysis and monitoring include not only your business but assessing the impact of changes to your competition. Your competitor three doors away have doubled their store size? There are now 7 stores competing online against you? There is a new social media site? The activity you were sponsoring wants more money? It is true there are many issues outside of your control. You may not be able to control the issue but you must control the effect it has on your business.

Modifications or tweaks may be needed along the way. This is readily achieved through constant business analysis.

The impact of any modifications needs to be measured against other facets of the business to ensure a maintained balance throughout the business. The monitoring in isolation of any one specific area without addressing the impact this has may cause an imbalance.

Monitoring tools will be developed specifically to suit your business.

The tailored business analysis and monitoring plan incorporates areas such as:

  • Sales achievements,
  • Profit increase,
  • Improved range strategies
  • Reduced/increased stock investment
  • Greater share of market
  • Higher Brand profile
  • Faster turnover
  • Improved productivity
  • Staff fulfilment/investment

Your strategic plan will give you the clear focus you need to steer your business in the right direction to achieve your desired goals. The monitoring of the outcomes and the analysis of the facts and figures will assist to get it over the line. The

The deb philosophy is designed for the client to take ownership of their business analysis as early as practical in the process.

All plans formulated are designed to be measurable and accountable for the outcome. The TRAMS are set to achieve your goals.



Working to an agreed time schedule


Set at attainable short and long terms goals


Aimed high bearing in mind outside factors


Tram stops clearly identified to encourage progress


Manageable in time frames and skill levels

We’ll help you take control of your business direction

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